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Here's just a sampling of the feedback we've received from our customers. Satisfying our customers is why we're in business!

Best 1/2" drill I have ever owned! Yes, it is heftier than Dewalt or Milwaukee, but the exta weight simply equals extra durability. The drill I have purchased was "Grade C", the only differrence was some scratches on the plastic tool box plus some very faded permanent marker initials on the drill itself. Otherwise, the drill looked and worked as if it was brand new.

Sergey S, Brooklyn, NY

The tools looked almost brand new. I think one of the drills had a small smudge in the plastic possibly from a short drop. Other than that the tools look great and function perfectly. Grade C is the way to go in my book.

Michael D, Knoxville, TN

The reconditioned drill looks and works like new without the new price. I have purchased 3 of this model - one for me and two for friends. All of us tackle big DIY projects - we all restore old houses and help with local rehabs.

June O, Toronto, OH

The guns had a couple scratches on them but I bought them to work not for show. Everything works perfectly as if brand new.

jason r, Saint Clair Shores, MI

The drill works well. It was what I expected of a Grade C Reconditioned tool. The pricing was good. I will order again.

Jerry C, Greensboro, NC

These tools seem to be in BRAND-NEW condition!! I absolutely love them! I do not know why I waited so long before purchasing this set.

David W, Monsey, NY

The sander appeared as new and operated as new. Everything that I have purchased---quite a bit---is always first class stuff--no matter "c" or whatever. Had a problem once and it was taken care of "now" and no questions asked. What a great group!!!!!!

Don M, Cable, WI

Just what I was looking for. One battery was faulty but was immediately replaced with no shipping costs to me. Plan to order more tools as I need them and recomend BigSky to anyone. Thank You.

Tom G, Hutchinson, MN

I only use the product lightly, I used the gun initially to make sure it works and it did. The outside appearance looked as advertised, next to new, unfortunately I have no projects on the horizon to really test it out

Paul K, Laguna Niguel, CA

Product was delivered on time and it looks and runs like a new one would !! I'm real happy with the seller and the product. I'm sure I'll be buying more as I need them....Thanks....

Willie W, Kings Moutain, NC

This is a very good nail gun, work like new, looks good, no defects, nicks looks almost new. This nail gun nails well in all woods that I've use it on, oak, pine,purple heart, walnut,plywoods and others. Work with this nailer is very easy to handle,very lite weight, but feels good in hand. I would recommend this nail gun to anyone that needs a good shop tools at a good price without giving up any quality.

Azor I, Raleigh, NC

My crew and I have just finished hanging 5500sq ft. of drywall and we really like the Hitachi. Our other two guns are Milwaukees and the Hitachi is a favorite over them. The Hitachi is a bit lighter and a bit faster. the nose is easier to adjust.

Robert F, Stockbridge, MA

I use these blades on an Hitachi 10" slider and for this particular saw, no other blade works as well both to prevent deflection or for smoothness of cut. Great blades.

Michael D W, Centennial, CO

I was skeptical because of the incredibly low price, but figured there wasn't much to lose. Spent much of yesterday driving 3" #9's into treated lumber. Had to switch batteries a few times, but the next one was always ready. Good torque on the drill. Second battery included is great. The flashlight is pretty handy too, when i remember that i have it!! Summary--very good tool at a great price.

Earl M, La Porte, IN

very good drill for the money, drill looked brand new. already had purchased DS18DVF3 2 years ago also very good but charger stolen from construction site and needed to replace. cheapest i could find was aroud $70 found this drill for $25 more and got drill 2 more powerful batteries and charger very good deal.

Santos G, kermit, TX

Good price paid $115.1st time around,retail price was $159.2nd time around it was $89.Didn't get the flash light but didn't need it.For what I use it for I love it,small,light weight battery last a long time.

Samuel S, Saint Petersburg, FL

the drill driver and flashlight was excellant,you cannot tell that the tools are reconditioned.It looks and works like new. I bought 3- of these !! GREAT! FANTASTIC! super fast shipping,I could go on & on Awesome!!!!!!


For the money this drill was an excellent purchase. The flashlight is not an item I will likely use but for the dollars involved I would buy again.

Robert C, Schoharie, NY

This is my third Hitachi 14.4 NICAD drill in 8 years. I use this drill for my job and the batteries seem to last several years, more than any other NICAD product I've owned. I also own a Bosch 18volt, Ridgid 12volt, Hitachi 18volt Lithium, and a Hitachi 18volt NICAD drill, but I find myself always going back to use the 14.4 drill because of it's light weight and it's ability to perform in sub-freezing temperatures (the lithium batteries are useless below 30 degrees), and it's ability to "warn" me when the batteries are about to run out. I don't enjoy that feature with lithium, and when I'm doing work 20 feet up a ladder, it can be valuable.

John E, Waukee, IA

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