zzzOLD-Hitachi C12FDH 12" Dual Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker (Reconditioned)
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zzzOLD-Hitachi C12FDH 12" Dual Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker (Reconditioned)

No longer available
The C12FDH 12" Dual Compound miter saw features Hitachi's exclusive laser marker system for cutting accuracy. The saw head bevels to the right or left- allowing the material to stay securely in place for ultimate cutting efficiency. It cuts various types of wood, crown molding, plywood, decorative panels, soft fiberboard, hardboard and aluminum sashes.


  • Exclusive laser marker system accurately indicates where the blade will cut on the material and can be easily adjusted to the right or left of the cut mark depending upon the users preference
  • Powerful 15 Amp motor with 1,950 Watts of output power smoothly powers through hardwoods with ease
  • Tall, pivoting aluminum fence that stands at a height of 5-1/8" allows crown molding to be cut vertically for convenience
  • Elastomer compound coats the horizontal handle, reducing vibration, while adding comfort and preventing slippage
  • Large base provides better support and balance to prevent material from warping
  • Externally accessible carbon brushes allow for quick and easy maintenance to prolong too life
  • Miter scale ranges from 0-52 degrees, both to the right and left, for a broader range of cuts
  • Miter angles can be quickly adjusted using Hitachi's thumb actuated positive stops
  • Bevel scale ranges from 0-48 degrees to the right and left allowing the material to stay in place while the saw head flips to make opposing cuts
  • After major bevel angle is secured, micro-bevel adjustment knob can be used to dial-in to a precise angle without the weight of the saw head compromising the accuracy


Blade Size12"
Cross Cut (90 degrees)2-3/4"x8" or 3-1/2"x7-1/2"
45 Degree Miter2-3/4" x 5-1/2"
45 Degree Bevel L1-31/32" x 8"
45 Bevel R1-7/32" x 8"
Miter R/L 45 & Bevel L 451-31/32" x 8"
Miter R/L 45 & Bevel R 451-7/32" x 5-1/2"
Miter Cut RangeR&L 0-52 Degrees
Bevel Cut RangeR&L 0-48 Degrees
Compound Cut RangeMiter R&L: 0-45
Compound Cut RangeBevel R&L: 0-45
Positive Miter Stops0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, 45
LCD DisplayNo
Full-Load Current15 Amps
No-Load4,000 RPM
Laser MarkerYes
Splinter GuardYes
Tool Dimensions (WxDxH)24-5/8"x 30-23/32"x27"
Weight46.3 lbs


  • 12" TCT Saw Blade
  • Dust Bag
  • Vice Assembly
  • Box Wrench
  • Hex Bar Wrench



Houston , TX
Just try to work to build wood frame for flower bed , it work good

Omaha, NE
Awesome saw. Got a great price. The refurb condition was pretty much new. Saved a lot of money. This was my second purchase from bigskytool. Thanks!!

dearborn heights, MI
Great miter saw I would never have thougt this ?? was reconditioned, thanks Big Sky Tool keep them coming!!!??

Lynnwood, WA
Love it! Although a refurb, you would never know! Looks brand new!

Harrah, OK
saw works great looks brand new my only problem with it is that i cant see the laser when i use it outside.

Kensington, MD
Works great; but am missing the 17mm wrench, the 4mm hex bar wrench and one a knob bolt to lock down the Vise assembly. Thanks, Michael Uhlman

Powell, OH
Fast delivery and great saw.

Hinsdale, NY
Saw was as described in the listing. It is in excellent condition and works great. I'm very happy with my purchase

Circleville, OH
Easy transaction..... Good tool

China Twp, MI
I had a hard time telling it from new! I'm very pleased, and looking forward to my next purchase, which will probably be soon.

Tappahannock, VA
Product appeared new and was easy to setup with little adjustment. Works great and much nicer machine than one sold by HBT at just a little more cost. Very happy and will buy again from Bigsky Tool. Ed

Edinburg, VA
Accurate and repeatable cuts. Easy to square up. Quieter than the direct drive unit it replaced. Cuts 4x4 material smoothly and effortlessly. A little heavy for portable use, and User's Manual is somewhat confusing due to a poor English translation.

Ames, IA
I really works great. I like it better than my Dewalt. That laser really works great. So much easier to see the mark.

Birmingham, AL
Saw arrived very quickly and well packaged. It was perfectly zeroed out of the box and has functioned very well on everything I've thrown at it so far.

Linfield, PA
A full-blown 12 inch miter saw for $180.00! This was a terific buy as the saw is basically new, arrived quickly and has already done several projects. While I debated the merits of a DeWalt, there is no debating that the Hitachi is at least as good. Thankyou BIGSKY!

New Port Richey, FL
The saw arrived on time and packaged nicely. There was no need to do any adjustment to the saw, other than a slight tweak of the laser to set it to my preference. It cut accurately right out of the box.

Ocala, FL
had to be set up, great saw so far

Seymour, TN
Happy with the saw and quick delivery.

Van Lear, KY
Perfect condition. If it will hold up as well as my dewalt did i will love it. Big sky was eezy breezy. No worries No sweat.

Ojai, CA
The miter saw is a good tool. This particular tool however is not as safe as I would have hoped. The flip up stops that were shipped were not working well. The stop that is to the left is not set on the same plane as the rest of the fence when it is set in it's cradle to be used as a 90 degree fence set cut. In other words it is not flipped up for a compound angle cut. It sits back about 2 millimeters or about 3/32" from the main fence section. This results in a nasty grab of the stock from the 60 tooth blade that comes with the saw as it passes through the materials being cut. This is a result of the material not sitting against a solid stop on the left side. The blade is positioned to cut material at a steep upwards angle at the end of it's sweep and it always catches the stock and tears it into pieces as it continues to grab and suck the item being cut into the passing teeth of the blade. As you might imagine this can take your left hand and chop it up also as it grabs. I can't allow such a danger to be used so I must either send it back or get a new replacement fence assembly. Because the way this one operates it will cut someones hand or fingers off someday.

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